Blue Cabin Natural Products
Contact: Guy Rochon
Address: 3609 Balmoral Road Tatamagouche, , B0K 1V0
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Phone: 902-809-7137
About Us
Blue Cabin is in the forefront of creating personal body care products with ingredients that are not just good for your skin, but good for your health! We strive to source ethically-derived, luxurious oils and butters from our suppliers, including the use of “food grade” oils, making our products second to none for quality.
Blue Cabin is constantly creating new products for the ecologically-minded consumer. We strive to create products that have a low carbon footprint (our soaps and products are all hand crafted and hand cut), and are produced for local markets, generating less waste and a lower carbon footprint than traditional personal body care products.

At Blue Cabin, the oils that we use include pure Olive, cold pressed Almond, Castor and Coconut, along with the finest raw Shea, Avocado and Cocoa butters. All of these ingredients are carefully combined to maximize the ability of our products to keep you hydrated and clean of any chemical or artificial ingredients. A Pure Clean that you will feel!

We also only use pure essential oils for scenting our soaps and never use synthetic fragrances